Industry 4.0 needs supply chain experts 4.0

by | 16.02.2018

Volker Oesau, CEO Middle Europe at DHL Global Forwarding, reveals to German logistics magazine “LOGISTIK HEUTE” (LOGISTICS TODAY) what his company intends to achieve with the new “CALA” continuing education program.

LOGISTIK HEUTE: The new program of the Corporate Automotive Logistics Academy (CALA) was launched in February. What new focal points do you set in the continuing education program?

VOLKER OESAU: The automotive industry faces major challenges. Digitization in the new supply chain networks in particular requires different skills: Industry 4.0 needs supply chain experts 4.0. As early as 2013, we realised that there is no global qualification program for this process of change in logistics. DHL Global Forwarding and the BVL School of Logistics have therefore designed, tested and adapted CALA and are now rolling out three industry-specific LABS on three continents. Together with DHL Global Forwarding, we want the participants to meet the new challenges in an informed and qualified manner. The Academy is headed by Joachim Hermansky.

LOGISTIK HEUTE: What role does “LABS” play for CALA?

VOLKER OESAU: To shape the logistics of the future, we need innovative learning formats. The speed of transformation also requires speed in learning. It’s only possible in a cooperative way. Walls in the head must be torn down to awaken the spirit of research, break new logistical ground and bring about change. For this purpose, we have designed think tanks in which non-linear experiments, inspiration, evaluation and selection are carried out. Finally, the participants present their first experiences and results, receive a certificate and a summary of the LAB.

LOGISTIK HEUTE: What contribution do you want to make with your academy for the further training of automotive logistics specialists?

VOLKER OESAU: Together with our customers, employees and scientists, we want to play an active role in the transformation of automotive logistics. Because: Qualification is the first step towards quality. In addition, the Internet initially appears to be an almost inexhaustible source of information. But the number of fake messages and misinformation is growing just as rapidly. CALA is intended to ensure the quality of information and data. I am already looking forward to the first LAB on Industry 4.0 on February 21st at the DHL Innovation Center in Troisdorf.


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