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CALA closes the gap between today’s and tomorrow’s mobility logistics

by | 09.11.2017

The concept of the Corporate Automotive Logistics Academy (CALA) was developed in cooperation with the renowned BVL Campus back in 2014, and re-designed with the BVL School of Logistics in 2017. In the next three years, CALA will offers three LABS along the automotive supply chain in Europa, America, Africa and Asia Pacific.

In the future, automotive logistics companies, logistics providers and companies on the production side will be expected to develop new competencies so that they are in a position to manage international supply chain networks in real time – an understanding of adaptive global systems; open, innovative, networked thinking, cooperative decision-making and interactive leadership will be even more essential.

“CALA’s qualification program is the perfect solution to prepare mobility logistics experts for the future. The ongoing interactive LAB process of thinking, acting and reflecting in a group allows all of us to re-design the supply chain in a faster way,” explains Jacqueline Goertzen, Head of Corporate Automotive Logistics Academy.

Every LAB starts with a high-grade keynote lecture from top of class professors, industry experts and scientists. Afterwards a discussion panel follows to gain the perfect mix of theory and practice. All participants brainstorm and create fresh ideas as well as first findings in various think tanks. Finally, the first joint experiences and results are presented. At the end of the LAB, the participants receive a certificate. A summary of the LAB follows timely after the LAB. Learning content, further information and contacts are available for download on a secure virtual platform

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