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CALA shows pathways to the future of mobility logistics

by | 29.11.2017

Looking into the future is like an unclear look through thick fog. Especially in times of fast changes, this causes special need for orientation and the courageousness to step forward and be ready to go ahead of the others. The Corporate Automotive Logistics Academy, CALA, is exactly designed for this situation. Dealing with and preparing for an unknown and fast changing future.

Currently, the automotive industry is facing a lot of huge challenges all at the same time. Electric and hybrid cars, autonomous driving and connected cars, Industry 4.0, digitalisation and new competitors in the market – just to name some of the most important ones. How to cope with this situation? There is no doubt that these challenges call for cooperation and communication. No single company, including the big players, will be able to tackle the situation alone. The market already sees a lot of cooperation and even integration e.g. when looking at OEMs and promising start-ups.

CALA is about cooperation and communication as well as common knowledge generation with the aim of learning from each other. We strongly believe that the relevant knowledge for successful business in a complex environment on a journey into an unknown future can only be gained by intensive communication and common searching. All participants of a CALA LAB are experts in their specific field of work. They all share their views and experiences from the field for the benefit of the whole group. The concept and methodological approach of CALA ensures this manner of collaboration.

CALA participants benefit in at least two aspects: The first one is the exchange of ideas and knowledge with all the other participants who can be considered experts from the field. During these LABs each person has the opportunity to share their challenges and experiences with other professionals and industry experts. The second benefit is the dynamic offered by the LAB atmosphere enabling creativity, innovation and thinking out-of-the-box. This is likely to become one of the most important and game changing competencies for the digital world. CALA offers the possibility to step into the front row of the future designing automotive partners. Please find more information at

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