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Prof. Josef Decker, PhD

BVL School of Logistics, Bremen Germany
Academic Director for LAB | Industry 4.0


Since 2009 Prof. Josef Decker has a professorship for systems and processes in logistics at the University of Applied Sciences for international business and logistics. Since 2016 Prof. Decker works at IUBH international University of Applied Sciences, Bremen. He teaches assignments at different universities, e.g. Jacobs University and university of applied sciences Bremerhaven.

Prof. Decker gained extensive experience during the study of physics and engineering, in research oriented consulting projects in industry and public administration. Furthermore, he is lecturer at seminars and trainings on national and international level. Since 2006 Prof. Decker supports the development and realization of the ECG Academy (European Car Transportation Group) and is dean of the academy. His research focus lies in the fields of sustainability and digitalization.

Prof. Bernd Hellingrath, PhD

University Muenster, Muenster Germany
Academic Director for LAB | Trends and Strategies in Automotive Industry


Prof. Bernd Hellingrath is expert for Information Systems and Supply Chain Management. For more than 20 years, he is consulting companies in the automotive industry and researching about future trends and strategies. After working a long time at the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics in Dortmund he is since almost 10 years heading the Chair for Information Systems and Supply Chain Management at the University of Muenster also acting as a director of the European Research Center for Information Systems. His research is focusing onto technologies, processes and business models for the digitalisation of the supply chain. Furthermore, he is carrying our research projects in the areas of flexible supply chains, Industry 4.0, Big Data in Supply Chain Management and humanitarian logistics. He published more than 150 articles and books within his research areas.

Prof. Dr. Michael Henke, PhD

Institution Leader of Fraunhofer IML Dortmund, Germany
Academic Director for LAB | Global Supply Chain Management


Since 2013 Prof. Michael Henke is Head of Chair, Chair of Enterprise Logistics, TU Dortmund University, Director of Enterprise Logistics Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow und Logistics (IML), Dortmund. As well as Adjunkt Professor for Supply Chain Managementat School of Business and Management LUT (Lappeenranta University of Technology), Finland. His research is focusing onto Supply Chain Risk Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Supply Chain and Management of Industry 4.0..

Prof. Henke has special positions: VP International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association (IPSERA), Board Member of Supply Chain Finance (SCF), Community Speaker of the Board of Directors of Graduate School of Logistics, Dortmund, Board Member of Windo e.V., Advisory Board Member of The Beyond Group AG, Advisory Board Member of GUS Group Member of the Scientific Advisory Board for Procurement of Deutsche Bahn.

Dr. Alexander Bode

Conabo, Birkenbach Germany
Academic Director


Dr. Alexander Bode is company founder, consultant and certified Business Coach with focus on digital transformation and internationalization. In his phd thesis he investigates the spread added value of internationally operating corporations. In this context Dr. Bode gained extensive project experience in the field of strategic cooperate consulting in Germany, in Middle East and China. In Germany, he supports especially small and medium-sized enterprises in the production sector in respect of their business model and the cultural transformation of their corporate structure.

Furthermore, Dr. Bode works as a certified Business Coach with a focus on digital business segment development and support of managers during change process. In addition, he works as a lecturer at the European School of Management and Technology, ESMT Berlin.