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Looking outside the box and shaping the future of mobility

by | 18.01.2019

CALA took place for the first time in Mexico City on the topic “Trends & Strategies in the Automotive Industry”. More than 21 million people live in the Mega City conurbation and today it is already struggling with considerable environmental problems, public transport is bursting at the seams and digitalization is also making its way here. That’s why the automotive team at DHL Global Forwarding Mexico invited car manufacturers and automotive suppliers to look outside the box and work proactively on the future of automotive logistics.

In a joint interview, Omar Callejas, Key Account Manager Automotive in his role as host, and Joachim Hermansky, Head of CALA, reported on the joint thinking out of the box.

Question: Joachim Hermansky (JH), you already have experience with CALA LABs. How did you find the Mexican LAB?

“I am overwhelmed by the openness for the new and the future. In the internal and external LAB, so many intelligent and innovative ideas were developed in constructive discussions with all participants, from very practical solutions to strategic adjustments. I was very impressed by how well everyone was informed and how clear they were by what they expected.”

Question: Omar Callejas, for you the concept of think tanks was new. Why did you book CALA?

“We consciously decided to test a CALA LAB because the automotive industry is currently undergoing a historically unique transformation. All those involved in the supply chain lack the time in their everyday lives to work on future scenarios alone. And CALA is the perfect platform for this. Our goal was to accept the change, realistically analyze the situation and actively work out potentials together to improve the cooperation of all supply chain participants. I had wished for the first solution approaches and was surprised at how many ideas we developed together. I think this is very impressive”.

Question: Joachim Hermansky, what is so special about CALA compared to traditional training programs?

“In a classical training, the participant receives knowledge. This is no longer enough. Thinking out of the box for one day does so much more. With bundled creativity and expert knowledge from the 360-degree perspective of automobile manufacturers, automotive suppliers, logistics service providers and scientists, it is possible to work very efficiently. Each participant takes the documentation of the first ideas and solutions developed together with them into the daily logistics routine and receives a participant certificate in addition.”

Question: Omar Callejas, what did the CALA Lab actually bring you?

“DHL Global Forwarding wants to be a frontrunner and actively shape change in automotive logistics. Mexico and Germany are two countries with many jobs in the automotive industry, and there are enormous synergies. Having knowledge and information, sharing it, consolidating it, using it and duplicating it will bring us and our customers forward faster. An individual’s knowledge was power. With collective knowledge we are working on the global knowledge map of automotive logistics. The first smart knowledge building blocks were put on the map in Mexico. I look forward to taking the next steps in the next LAB in 2019.”

Question: Joachim Hermansky, can the logistics service provider do much for the automotive industry?

“Absolutely, the logistics service provider will assume a key position in the automotive industry in the digital age. Many new services will emerge DHL Global Forwarding is already working to adapt its product portfolio and educate our automotive logistics experts”.

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