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Mourning the death of Prof. Josef Decker

by | 27.07.2018

Prof. Josef Decker, Head of Logistics at the International University Bad Honnef (IUBH) and Academic Director of the global automotive logistics academy CALA, has died from the consequences of a heart attack. Decker was born in Damme in 1962, completed an apprenticeship in data processing, studied physics and earned a doctorate in engineering science in the field of sustainability and transport. Professional activities in product marketing, in research-related consulting in industry and administration, in the conception and implementation of trainings and seminars were the basis for his assumption of study management, first at the German Foreign Trade and Transport Academy and later at the HIWL.

As dean of the university, Decker was responsible for the content of the courses and the further development of seminars and training courses. Since HIWL's transition to the IUBH in 2016, Decker has been Head of the Logistics Management (dual) and distance learning courses.

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