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Maybe we will see you again in Chile in 2019? Chilean delegation had great interest in future of logistics.

by | 11.10.2018

Berlin: The future occupies everyone. We from DHL as well as our kind guests from Chile discuss a lot about the effects on logistics and business development. "We agreed that only in cooperation can topics such as digitisation, block chain, 3D printing and environmental solutions be pushed forward. It was great fun. We're thinking about a LAB in Chile next year with our Academy CALA on Industry 4.0.," said Joachim Hermansky, Head of CALA and Vice President Customer Service Germany, on the occasion of the visit of the Chilean delegation. Today he is taking part in a workshop on "Smart Logistics" at Latin America Day 2019 and in the evening at the gala on the occasion of the Chilean President Sebastián Piñera.

Maybe we will see you again in 2019?

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