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South African delegation obtains information about automotive logistics from DHL

by | 27.09.2018

Frankfurt: Yesterday a delegation of ten from South Africa visited DHL Global Forwarding at Frankfurt Airport. Visitors to the "Southern African - German Chamber of Commerce and Industry", based in Johannesburg, visited the logistics company's 14,000 m² warehouse capacity in Cargo City South and learned about air and sea freight solutions offered by DHL from Frankfurt. The discussions also focused on industrial plant logistics, IT solutions, wine logistics and customs services. A special focus was on automotive logistics, in which DHL's Frankfurt branch has specialized, among other things.

"South Africa is an important partner for Germany in general and for our company in particular. Numerous German companies are involved in setting up and expanding infrastructure in South Africa. German carmakers, for example, operate their own plants in the country and produce locally. Excellent logistics are essential for the success of their companies. This is why DHL and the BVL School of Logistics have developed the global automotive and logistics academy "CALA" together, which is intended to make carmakers fit for the logistical challenges of the future, said Volker Oesau, CEO DHL Global Forwarding Middle Europe, on the occasion of the visit of the South African delegation.

On their visit to Germany, the South African delegation will make stops in Dusseldorf and Berlin.

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